Book Recommendations


Case Descriptions

Corpse: Nature, Forensics, and the Struggle to Pinpoint Time of Death,
Highly Recommended!
Jessica Snyder Sachs, Perseus Pub.

Cracking Cases: The Science of Solving Crime,
Highly Recommended!
Henry C. Lee and Thomas W. O’Neil, Prometheus Books.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales : The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist,
Highly Recommended!
William R. Maples and Michael Browning, Main Street Books.

Dead Reckoning: the New Science of Catching Killers,
Highly Recommended!
Michael Baden and Marion Roach, Simon & Schuster.

The Casebook of Forensic Detection: How Science Solved 100 of the World’s Most Baffling Crimes,
Colin Evans, John Wiley & Sons.

Fingerprints: The Origins of Crime Detection and the Murder Case that Launched Forensic Science,
Colin Beavan, Hyperion Press.

Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill,
Trina Robbins, Conari Press.

Technical Books

Medical Botany : Plants Affecting Human Health,
Highly Recommended!
Walter Hepworth Lewis and Memory P. F. Elvin-Lewis, John Wiley & Sons.

Criminal Poisoning: Investigational Guide for Law Enforcement, Toxicologists, Forensic Scientists, and Attorneys,
Highly Recommended!
John H. Trestrail III, Humana Press.

Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology of Herbal Products,
Melanie Johns Cupp, Humana Press.

The Green Pharmacy: The Ultimate Compendium of Natural Remedies From the World’s Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs,
James A. Duke, St. Martin’s Press.

The Criminal Mind: A Writer’s Guide to Forensic Psychology,
Katherine Ramsland, Writers Digest Books