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Carl and Jane Bock have been faculty members in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, since 1968. Carl received bachelors and doctoral degrees in zoology from the University of California at Berkeley. Jane holds three degrees in botany – a B.A. from Duke University, an M.A. from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Both are grassland ecologists and conservation biologists, who have worked from the prairies of South Dakota and Montana to the arid desert grasslands of the Southwest that are the particular focus of this book. Carl is an ornithologist, who pioneered the use of large databases for monitoring the distribution and abundance of North American birds. Jane is an international authority on forensic botany – the use of plant materials in criminal investigations. The Bocks are co-authors of The View from Bald Hill: Thirty Years in an Arizona Grassland (University of California Press, 2000).

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Stephen Strom is an Astronomer at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson. He received A.B., A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in astronomy from Harvard University, and has held appointments at Harvard, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and UMass at Amherst, where he served as Chair of the Five College Astronomy Department for nearly 14 years. For the past 20 years, his research has focused on studies of forming stars and planetary systems. Since 1978, Stephen has photographed extensively in the American Southwest. His work has appeared in more than 30 exhibitions throughout the U.S., and is archived in a number of collections including the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, and the Mead Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts. His interpretations of landscapes in the Four Corners region accompany Joy Harjo’s poems in Secrets from the Center of the World, part of the Sun Tracks series (University of Arizona Press, 1989).