Jane H. Bock’s Education

Carl and Jane Bock are retired Professors of Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Carl received his PhD in Zoology from the University of California at Berkeley, while Jane holds three degrees in Botany, a B.A. from Duke, and M.A. from the University of Indiana, and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. Carl is an ornithologist and conservation biologist, with a particular interested in the dynamics of western aridlands ecosystems. Jane is a plant ecologist and an internationally-recognized expert in forensic botany – the use of plant evidence in criminal investigations. She is co-author with David Norris of the recently-published “Forensic Plant Science (Elsevier-Academic Press, 2016).

“Coronado’s Trail” is the Bocks’ first published fiction. However, they have spent nearly forty years studying the natural history of the region of southeastern Arizona that is the setting for this novel. They have co- authored numerous articles and two books based on their fieldwork: “The View from Bald Hill” (2000; University of California Press), and “Sonoita Plain: Views from a Southwestern Grassland” (2005; University of Arizona Press).

Now largely retired from the academic life, the Bocks presently divide their time between Colorado, Arizona, and the Florida Keys, mostly fly fishing (Carl), fighting crime (Jane), and collaborative writing.

B.A. (Botany) Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
No degree. Botany Dept., Edinburgh University, Scotland
M.A. (Botany) Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Advisor: Dr. Charles B. Heiser, Jr.
Ph.D. (Botany) University of California, Berkeley, California
Advisor: Dr. Herbert G. Baker

Work History

2000-present: Faculty Ombuds and Visiting Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder
1999-present: Professor Emerita, University of Colorado
1980-1999: Professor of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
1992-present: Associate Curator, University of Colorado Herbarium
1992-1998: Research Affiliate, Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research,
U. of Colorado
1994-1999: Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory Affiliate Staff Scientist
1995-present: Board of Directors, Center of the American West
1980-1990: C.E. and J.H. Bock, Co-Directors, Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch,
National Audubon Society, Elgin, Arizona
1998-present: Board of Trustees, Colorado Nature Conservancy
1973-1980: Associate Professor of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
1969-1973: Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
1967-1968: Assistant Professor of Biology, California State College at Hayward
1966-1967: Postdoctoral Research Botanist, Physics Department,
University of California, Berkeley
1960-1961: Biologist, U.S. Public Health Service,
R.A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center

Courses Taught

General Biology
Field Botany
Plant Kingdom
Plants and Human Affairs
Plant Anatomy
Aquatic Plants
Principles of Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology of Plants
Grassland Ecology
Fire Ecology
Plant Systematics and
Advanced Plant Systematics
Shortcourse, American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Seattle. 2001
Guest Lecture: CBI Training Course, 1999.

Jane H. Bock’s Awards and Honors

2000 Outstanding Women of 1972 (British List)
Hunt Botanical Library Listing
Charles A. Lindbergh Fellow
Hazel Barnes Prize for Research and Teaching, University of Colorado, Boulder Campus, 1997.
Boulder Faculty Assembly Service Award, 1999
Lesley Hewes Award for Best Paper – 1998-9. Journal of Great Plains Research


Colorado Bureau of Investigation
City of Boulder Open Space
Colorado Coroners Association


Crime Scene Collection/Approach School. Colorado Bureau of Investigation. 10/1999
The Mediation Process Course. CDR Associates. 2/2000
Espionage: the Hidden History. Short course. Pembroke College, Cambridge University. 8/2000.


Forensic Botany, LLC. Founding member.
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Botanical Society of America
Society for International Conservation
Society for Conservation Biology
British Ecological Society
International Association for Identification
Necrosearch International, Ltd (Charter Member)
California Botanical Society


Research Support : Except for her first year, outside funding has been continuous since joining the E.P.O. Biology Department at Boulder. Funding sources have included NSF, The National Institute of Justice, US Forest Service, the US National Academy of Science, the US National Park Service, Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation, The National Audubon Society, the University of Colorado, and the National Geographic Society.